Why You Should Consider Using bamboo®

  • No Ads

    Watch what you want, when you want with no ads, ever.

  • Pay As You Go

    Pay per view for only what you watched or requested.

  • Video of Demand

    Looking for a movie or series? Request and we get it for you.

  • Early Access

    Automatically get a buzz when new movies or series are released for relaxation.

  • Less Data, Save Money

    Either for download or rent (stream online), you will spend three times (3x) less data unlike on other platforms.

bamboo® is an entertainment and VOD service that allows our customers to watch variety of free and premium movies, blockbuster (Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood and Ghollywood movies), TV shows, comedy skits, and others upon request. You can rent, buy or download.
No. It is pay per view. Pay for only what you watched/viewed.

No subscription or registration needed to watch or request.
Yes. bamboo® offers latest movies, TV shows and series.
bamboo® offers our customers movie on demand, simply request. The bamboo® media team will send to you.
(1). Movie details. Customers can see movie trailers, movie details/synopsis before rent/purchase.

(2). Save. Save a lot of data on bamboo, use three times (3x) less data to watch any movie. For example, use only 350MB on bamboo while on other platforms, use 1.5GB for same movie.

(3). Sharing. Share your bamboo account details with unlimited family & friends. Rent a movie for only One Hundred Naira only (N100), and everybody can watch -different device, different place and different time.