Why You Should Consider Using bamboo®

  • No Ads

    Watch what you want, when you want with no ads, ever.

  • Pay As You Go

    Pay for only what you request or watch.

  • Movie of Demand

    Looking for a movie or series? Request and we get it for you.

  • Early Access

    Automatically get a buzz when new movies or series are released for relaxation.

  • Less Data, Save Money

    The content are on your mobile or PC, You don’t have to re-stream to re-watch.

bamboo® is an entertainment service that allows our customers to watch variety of Blockbuster movies,TV shows and others upon requests. With Bamboo, the full movie of any trailer is available and delivered to your email saving you lots of data use.
No. Watch any movie trailer on bamboo® for near free. Watch from our collections with minimum of N300 per movie without any subscription, neither do you have to subscribe to make a movie request without subscription.
Yes. bamboo® offers latest Movies, TV Shows and TV Series.
bamboo® offers our customers movie on demand, simply request. The bamboo® media team will send to you.
bamboo® has a number of uniqueness unlike others. 1. Customer can watch any trailer and also see full details before streaming or purchase. 2. Customers do not have to use up data to re-stream to re-watch with family and friends.

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