The Enemy Within - S01E04 - Confessions

40 minAdded: 18.03.2019

The Enemy Within 1×04 “Confessions” Season 1 Episode 4 – International assassin Aksoy is detained at a US-Canada border checkpoint, but subdues the CBP agents and makes his way into the United States. In a flashback, Shepherd is on trial with Keaton, Laine’s father Thomas, Hannah, and Shepherd’s husband Christopher present. She is sentenced to life in prison at ADX Florence without possibility of parole. In the present, Shepherd alerts the team to Aksoy’s prowess with poisons and bomb-making. FBI Deputy Director Grace Molinero questions Shepherd’s inclusion on Keaton’s team, which now includes Pettigrew and Cruz. Shepherd reconnects with Hannah, and the team tracks Aksoy to the Port of Baltimore; he escapes with MRI components. Thomas confronts Keaton over his collaboration with Shepherd. Senator Martin Covington arrives at BWI Airport, where Aksoy, posing as a baggage handler, uses the MRI coil to create a portable EMP, disrupting air traffic control and grounding all flights. The team searches the airport, and Keaton subdues Aksoy after he sprays the senator with a toxin. Aksoy is taken into custody and the senator is successfully treated. Cruz tries to access classified files on Tal. Believing Shepherd tried to hack the files, Keaton confronts her, and she tells him Cruz is Tal’s mole.

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